The Illustrious Avocado

Why are avocados all the rage? They’re versatile, they’ve got natural flavor and they’ve got a creamy texture going for them. Health-wise, avocados also check a lot of boxes: nutrient-dense, fiber-rich and full of healthy fats. Plus, they’re satiating. Alright, so avocados have got quite the reputation. The fruit has risen to “trendy” levels inContinue reading “The Illustrious Avocado”

Getting Your Omega EFAs

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids can support health in a variety of ways, including reducing joint pain, improving nerve conduction, supporting cardiovascular health and much more. Here are some common terms: EFAs: Essential Fatty Acids Essential Fatty Acids: a type of fats that includes omega-3’s and other omega EFAs Omega-3’s: a certain form of EFAs thatContinue reading “Getting Your Omega EFAs”