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Let’s Talk Immune Function!

February 24th at 6pm
Virtual program hosted by the Westerly Library.
Free event!
Register by clicking HERE.

Please feel free to enjoy complimentary webinars, talks + educational materials here:
Dr. KC’s Wellness Central

Past talks + events have included:

Reducing Stress Naturally
Protein Consumption
Balanced Nutrition
Food Sensitivities
Your Immune System
Wellness Workshops
Fire Cider Workshop
Healthy Aging Talk
Seasonal Allergies Talks
Digestive Health Talks
Thyroid Health Talk
Community Wellness Talk
Detox Discussion
Homeopathy Talk 
Trust Your Gut: Digestive Health Talk
Blood Type Diet Talk
Holistic Happy Hour
Gut Microbiome Talks
TV interviews
and more

I LOVE sharing health + wellness information, tips and research with small and large groups, whether it’s at a private office, public venue, spa night, etc.  Talks and workshops are usually customized to your group’s needs and interests.
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