The Illustrious Avocado

Why are avocados all the rage? They’re versatile, they’ve got natural flavor and they’ve got a creamy texture going for them.

Health-wise, avocados also check a lot of boxes: nutrient-dense, fiber-rich and full of healthy fats. Plus, they’re satiating.

Alright, so avocados have got quite the reputation. The fruit has risen to “trendy” levels in the past decade, but it’s by no means a newcomer. 

There are SO many ways to use avocado to delight your taste buds – here are a few:

  • Chunky guacamole
  • Chopped and mixed with black beans, thinly sliced red onions, cucumber + cilantro (so refreshing)
  • Atop a burger
  • Instead of mayo in tuna or egg salad (it’s gotta be ripe for this)
  • Mixed in a green salad with apple, walnuts, fennel + feta
  • Avocado mousse (chop it, freeze it, slow-blend it with cacao / cocoa powder, vanilla, etc.)
  • Creamy salad dressing (blend with lemon juice, sea salt + fresh herbs)
  • Sliced and grilled or sautéed (this is intriguing)
  • Atop your favorite tacos, nachos, etc.
  • Avocado toast (can’t forget this one!)

You can also cook with avocado oil (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit). It can be nice for sautéing veggies (I daresay maybe even avocado itself) at a higher heat.

Keep the seed in the fruit when you store it in the fridge – this helps the fruit maintain its color and prevent browning. For guacamole, you can just store the seed right in the guac. 

Bonus: the thick skin on avocado is like a protectant shield! This is one fruit that has often landed on the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) “Clean Fifteen” list, meaning that buying non-organic has really minimal pesticide exposure. 

Something to be aware that’s not often talked about: avocado cross-reacts with latex, so if you have a latex allergy, you may be sensitive to avocado. That’s not to say everyone will be, but pay attention to how you feel on different occasions after eating it and discuss with your naturopathic doc if you’re concerned.

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