Changing the Narrative: Healing

When you’re told you have cancer, fear naturally sets in.

We know cancer is bad, and we know that a diagnosis usually means intense treatment, change in quality of life and possibly death if treatment doesn’t work.

You listen to your doctor, you go to the oncology referral, and you go through the steps they tell you to do. Along the way, you might research your cancer type and read all sorts of stories – some hopeful, some scary.

Your doctor gives you a general prognosis with some statistics on what percentage of people with your diagnosis survive. You wonder if you’ll be around in 5, 10, 20 years.

If you are graced with supportive family and/or friends, they support you as you go through the treatments prescribed by your doctor.


Your doctor’s job is to provide information about your disease and support you to get well.

Your doctor doesn’t typically spend time talking about your body’s own innate intelligence, and you may only come across this information if you research deep enough.

Most people aren’t aware that their body has an innate intelligence, an innate desire to heal. This is what heals your finger when you get a paper cut or your knee when you scrape it. Your body’s internal wisdom knows a great deal about what you need.

  • This does not mean that you shouldn’t follow the recommendations and treatment prescribed to you.
  • But you should be aware – you deserve to be aware.


Because awareness of your body’s innate intelligence empowers you. It can increase hope and support an improved mental/emotional state during what can feel like an incredibly challenging time.

Not only can this allow you to feel better, your mental/emotional state directly impacts your physical state.

  • It’s now well-known that stress dampens the immune response. In practical cancer terms, this means that if you’re feeling stressed, it’s probably affecting your white blood cell count.

Awareness of your body’s own internal wisdom can empower you with greater hope for the future and provide you with a stepping stone for understanding why mind-body wellness is so important.

So let’s change the narrative a little.

  • Let’s start talking about how capable your body is.
  • Let’s talk about the fact that healing is possible.
  • Let’s start incorporating this into doctor-patient discussions – especially at critical points, like when you receive a diagnosis and during treatment.
  • Let’s make this – the awareness that your body has an innate healing wisdom – part of the usual conversation.
  • Let’s empower each other with this awareness.
  • Let’s recognize that when we integrate this awareness into your treatment, you may well have a better outcome.

Let’s change the narrative.

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