Happy Spring!

And, Happy April!

There’s nothing like a new month – not to mention a new season – to spark the momentum for change in your life.

Here are a few *small* changes that can make a big impact:

  • A cup of herbal tea in the evening. This helps curb the snacking and, depending on your tea of choice, can calm your nervous system to allow for better, more uninterrupted sleep (and we all know how important getting your zzz’s is). Teas I like in the evening: nettles, chamomile, and lemon-ginger.
  • Buy an air filter for your main living area and bedroom. This is an investment in your health, and it can help lessen allergies and toxins floating around in the air. (Think: dander and pollen that come in on your clothes and pets; endocrine disrupting chemicals from candles, air fresheners, etc.; toxins from cooking with a gas stove; and more.)
  • Floss. Start using the one stashed in your bathroom cupboard. Do it once a day after brushing your teeth, and follow it up with a quick brush to clean up any lingering food particles. Bonus: you’ll save on your dental bill and your pearly whites, gums, and more will be much healthier for the long term.

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