How about fresh-overs?

There’s nothing like opening your fridge at the end of a busy day to see a container of delicious food awaiting you. 

Anytime I have leftovers, I try to bulk them up into another meal (or two) by adding some extra veggies, using as a topper for a grain base or incorporating into a meal in another way. 

Some examples:

  • Leftover curry – steam or saute a cup or two of fresh or frozen veggies, and mix the curry in for delicious fresh-over curry
  • Leftover protein (chicken, eggs, fish, etc.) – add on top of a green salad with crunchiness from diced onion, fennel and celery and a drizzle of evoo for a tasty fresh-over salad
  • Leftover veggies – spread hummus on a wrap, then add the warmed veggies and top with some fresh sprouts or leafy greens; bundle it all up for a fresh-over wrap

There are so many ways to get creative with this. What’s your favorite fresh-over? 

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