“Should I take a multivitamin?”

“Should I take a multivitamin?”

This is one of the most common questions I get asked. While multi’s are generally a nice all-around boost, it’s great to go a little deeper and discuss what’s best for each person.

Did you know: naturopathic physicians use advanced testing to measure your individual levels of essential micronutrients and more, including:

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Antioxidants

  • Amino Acids

  • Neurotransmitters

  • and more

This allows us to focus on exactly what your body needs and understand how it is impacting your health.

Here’s an example:

  • If your levels of coenzyme Q10 are low, this may be contributing to weakness, fatigue and reduced antioxidant protection. If you’re also deficient in magnesium, this further contributes to fatigue (and it can lead to things like cramping, headaches and constipation). So rather than just taking a general energy-boosting supplement to combat your fatigue, you can hone in on where your body needs support and address that. It’s kind of like watering a plant with a watering can versus throwing buckets of water in its general vicinity and hoping the plant gets what it needs.

Naturopathic medicine. Individualized medicine. Precision medicine.

The information provided here is not intended to replace medical advice or to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Please consult your doctor with specific questions and prior to beginning any significant diet or lifestyle changes.