Happy Heart Health Month!

February is Heart Health Month, so cheers to your heart that literally never stops beating!!

Wondering how naturopathic doctors may support your cardiovascular health?

  • Aligned with our naturopathic philosophy, we take an in-depth look at you as an individual: your risk factors, lifestyle and nutrition, basic and advanced testing and more, all in the context of your overall health.

  • Based on all this, we create an individualized treatment plan for you, including preventive support to optimize your health over the long-term.

  • We also work integratively with other doctors and care providers, including referring out when needed, to ensure you get the best care.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians provides a great overview of our approach to heart health – check it out here.

May you be well.

Photo: balancedbodyahc.com.

The information provided here is not intended to replace medical advice or to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Please consult your doctor with specific questions and prior to beginning any significant diet or lifestyle changes.