Wet Nose, Warm Heart

Dogs are special creatures, brimming with love to share (for the most part!). If you’ve ever gotten home at the end of a long day to see your pup, tail wagging, excitedly greeting you, you know what I mean. No matter how long you leave your dog alone, they are always happy to see youContinue reading “Wet Nose, Warm Heart”

Presence, Kindness and the Joy of the Season

This article was featured in the December 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings – Rhode Island edition. The holidays are a season of wonder and giving. When we recognize that every moment is a gift, everything becomes illuminated with wonder. Maintaining this wonder in the face of uncertainty in the world—whether from natural disasters, humanitarian crises,Continue reading “Presence, Kindness and the Joy of the Season”

The Gratitude Jar

This Thanksgiving, there’s a new tradition I’d like to start: the Gratitude Jar. It’s very simple – and you can probably already guess what it’s about! There are a variety of iterations of this idea: placing notes about your goals, craziest adventures, secret crush and so on into a container, which then gets passed aroundContinue reading “The Gratitude Jar”