Those Bedtime Habits

Do you have a hard time avoiding your computer and phone for 2 hours before bedtime?

Me too. 

Research shows that stimulation from electronic devices can impact your sleep.

  • Avoiding electronics for at least 2 hours before bedtime can help, as you’re not exposed to the blue light from screens that can disrupt your circadian rhythm. It also means you’re not exposed to stress-inducing stimuli from those devices, such as the news, TV dramas or comparison scrolling on social media. 


It can be super hard to put away devices, especially when you’re trying to relax by watching a show or reading a book. Or when you’re trying to finish work on your computer (I know this one too well). 

Some practical actions you can take:

  • Set your phone, iPad and computer to automatically switch to night mode after 7pm (minimal blue light, screen will appear dimmer and warmly lit)
  • Have a 10 minute “relax” activity to calm your nervous system right before bed (think: gratitude journaling, doodling, listening to peaceful music, meditation, petting your dog or cat, etc.)

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Happy sleeping!

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