What’s your Vitamin D level?

What is vitamin D and why does it matter? The basics: Vitamin D3 is the active form The sun’s rays hit your skin and start the conversion of vitamin D from its precursor to its active form (hence the idea of getting a dose of vitamin D from being in the sun) In New England,Continue reading “What’s your Vitamin D level?”

Vaginal dryness getting in the way of your passion?

Vaginal dryness is a very common complaint, yet it’s less often talked about. One of the most common symptoms is pain during sex, called dyspareunia in medical lingo (dis – pare – ooh – nee – ah). Vaginal dryness can also cause itching, discomfort, and increased risk of infection. Why? If the tissue that linesContinue reading “Vaginal dryness getting in the way of your passion?”