In honor of Louise Hay.

One of my many teachers in naturopathic medical school was Louise Hay – not because I ever met her, not because school taught us about her, but because I found her work on my path to healing. Louise Hay was a visionary healer. She inspired so many healers and others to step into their lives, grow into who they were meant to become, and achieve their desires. This post is in no way adequate to begin to describe the miraculousness of Louise Hay’s life and work. Nonetheless, I felt it important to honor her and share.

When I was doing my third-year clinical rotations, a fourth-year friend mentioned Louise Hay. I was intrigued and did some googling. Reading about her “little blue book,” Heal Your Body, which compiles so much of her metaphysical work into a straightforward reference, I knew I had to get it to go along with my “little black book” for clinical reference.

Image: The Huffington Post online.

I started using this little blue book with patients whom I felt would benefit from its wisdom, linking physical ailments with underlying feelings and emotions, and then with affirmative statements for bringing greater healing into their lives. Many patients were grateful for Louise’s work, although for some it didn’t resonate as much. For the majority, we would decide on what resonated the most – which was often very emotional – and then I would write the affirmation on a beautiful little card that I would select for them. They could keep this card with them in their wallet or next to their bed. We discussed the best and flexible ways to use the affirmations. Something so simple, elegant and beautiful, with so much potential to help – and help it did. I would also perceive feelings with friends and gift them certain affirmation cards when it felt appropriate. A few of my classmates and friends in other clinical years also grew interested in Louise’s work, and we would share how we used her book and teachings. It was beautiful. Louise’s little blue book helped so many people, and will undoubtedly continue to for time to come.

Louise Hay published other books – in fact, she built the major publisher Hay House International, cultivating it to bring help and healing resources to the masses. Her life itself is inspirational.

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So much gratitude and blessings to and for Louise Hay. Thank you.

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