A Good Life

It’s a busy week. When things seem a bit hectic, it helps to stay grounded and centered. Along with the breathing exercises, I love soulful quotes and positive affirmative statements. Whenever I see a particularly juicy or vibrant one, I save it to a folder on my desktop so that I have a reservoir of beautiful, inspiring visual affirmations if I need a quick pick-me-up.

Below is one I love: in the midst of what seems like nonstop work and activities, I like to read this a few times. Slower each time, so that it echoes in my mind. Then I’ll close my eyes and let that echo reverberate around inside, calming me, centering me, bringing clarity and peace. Sometimes all we need is a little perspective reminder…

Photo credit: the internet! Honestly not sure where this came from, but much gratitude to the artist.

Perhaps think about saving the next quote / photo you come across that really strikes your fancy, makes you grin, or makes you stop and realize how beautiful our world truly is. Create your own reservoir of inspiration right on your desktop, to draw on as you may need.

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