Stay Healthy Today: 5 Health Hacks for Back-to-School Season

Hydrate ~ So simple, it still warrants mention because this perennial advice is ignored by so many. ~ Sip water throughout the day – keep a water bottle with you and sip a few times hourly. A good general role is 64 ounces for an adult, 32 ounces for a child (count non-caffeinated drinks towardsContinue reading “Stay Healthy Today: 5 Health Hacks for Back-to-School Season”

Cool Down with this Dreamy Dragon Drink (and it’s pink!)

There’s nothing like a cool drink on a hot summer day. Refreshing, satisfying and healthy to boot, this smoothie blends up easily. Although I’m called it Dragon Drink because of the dragon fruit that has been popping up in some local stores lately, it also makes me think of a unicorn: bright, sparkly and unique.Continue reading “Cool Down with this Dreamy Dragon Drink (and it’s pink!)”

Brazil Nuts: Chock Full of Goodness

These larger nuts are a great snack or addition to a dish, even if they are a little less familiar. Some basic info on Brazil nuts: Found in South American rainforests Taste mild and a little creamy Great source of selenium, an important mineral Less common = may be less commonly allergenic They’re large, soContinue reading “Brazil Nuts: Chock Full of Goodness”

Glutathione: Your Body’s Master Antioxidant

What is it?  Glutathione is one of 3 endogenous (made by your body) primary antioxidants. How is it made?  It’s a combination of 3 amino acids: glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine.  What does it do?  It functions as an antioxidant in addition to other roles. As an antioxidant, it cleans up free radicals and damageContinue reading “Glutathione: Your Body’s Master Antioxidant”

La-La Matcha Latte ~

Some days, you just need a pick-me-up. Here’s one of my favorite morning drinks for just that purpose, plus some added benefits. Amped-up Matcha Latte ~1/2 tsp pure matcha powder~1/2 tsp ginger powder~1 tsp turmeric powder~1/2 scoop vanilla collagen powder~1/4 tsp vitamin C powder~1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk~1 cup waterIced latte: Blend it all togetherContinue reading “La-La Matcha Latte ~”

Healthy Snacking while Working from Home

If you are fortunate to be healthy, well and working from home, one “risky” aspect may be the proximity of your kitchen and snacks galore. Navigating that while sitting on your bum most of the day can be challenging. If you are a snacker / grazer / [or insert your own word here], it canContinue reading “Healthy Snacking while Working from Home”

Be Proactive Now – Don’t Wait

I’m a naturopathic physician. So to understand the current pandemic, I look to the experts in research, medicine, public health, virology and immunology as well as those on the front lines of clinical work. With a focus on actionable steps, here is what I have learned so far: We must work together to get toContinue reading “Be Proactive Now – Don’t Wait”

Progress, Not Perfection

January 1st is here! With the emphasis on resolutions this time of year, it’s so important to have clear expectations. Recognizing that the majority of resolutions fall by the wayside after a few weeks to a couple months, develop some mental strategies to increase your resolution stamina, if you will. Find a way to makeContinue reading “Progress, Not Perfection”